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One Time Session

A one time, one hour session designed to give you an unbiased opinion on a problem you may be facing.  You may not feel comfortable going to a family member or friends for advice because of not wanting to share personal, private, and sometimes embarrassing details of your life.  Sometimes, it is easier to speak with a stranger when seeking advice.  I have been in successful relationships and failed relationships and have learned from both experiences.  I have also managed employees and worked for tough bosses that caused added stress.    Consulting a professional, trained to help you get through the toughest situations is the best path




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Ongoing Sessions

This option is the most popular and the most inclusive.  This is a weekly one hour session tailored for specific challenges you may be experiencing.  This is also a great option for achieving specific goals and/or receiving guidance through tough periods of your life. During the weekly scheduled session, you can receive help on a variety of topics, including career, relationships, forming positive habits and achieving short and long term goals just to name a few.  This is the plan where you will get a true life coach experience.




One Time Session

One Time Session

A one time, one hour session designed to prepare you for in person or phone interviews. This session includes insight on strategies used by recruiters and hiring managers. As an ex-recruiter, I know the true meaning behind some of the questions you may face during your interview.  I average a 95% success rate with clients who use this powerful, insightful one hour session.  Being prepared will help put you at ease.  This service includes a review of your current resume and a mock interview. ‚Äč


Sessions are held over the phone.  Sessions must be paid for at least twenty four (24) hours prior to appointment.  Acceptable forms of payment includes, Zelle and Venmo.  Checks and money orders are only accepted in advance of service.  Make checks or money orders payable to Pathway Life Coach Services LLC.  For the weekly option, one session each week at the same time will be held.  Additional sessions may be added as unbiased opinion sessions.