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Support this Black author by picking up a copy today. This is a great book on leadership in the world of management.

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Inspirational Real-Life Leadership

Lashawn Wiley has been a successful manager for over twenty years. In his book you will discover the secrets of surviving and thriving in a managerial position. I like that he takes the time to explain the whole landscape of a manager's world and reveals how managers get their position in the first place.

This book has some straight talk and humor which was refreshing. I enjoyed the conversational style of writing which makes this book a pleasure to read. You will also be impressed by the deep insight into what works and what doesn't. I found much of this book enlightening and helpful. As Lashawn Wiley shares wisdom gained from experiences, you will understand how to effectively manage a team.

So this is an inspirational real-life leadership book. It will be especially useful if you run a store or restaurant. But the tips can really be used by any manager in any situation.

~The Rebecca Review