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Tell your story on your next interview.  A resume is important, but not as important as who you are as a person.  Companies hire people, not resumes.

Lashawn Wiley

“Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can't, You're Right.”

Henry Ford

“The True Origin of All Successful People is Belief”

Lashawn Wiley

“If a person can't respect your NO, they don't deserve your YES.”

Lashawn Wiley

I am a Tiger by Lashawn Wiley

I am a tiger, feirce and fearless at first glance,

I am a tiger, terrorizing my pray upon my advance,

I am a tiger, killing what I must to survive,

I am a tiger, dodging the polchechers, depriving them of their prize,

I am a tiger, hoping not to be captured and caged as my kin,

Profited upon while doing life in their artificial den,

How can I guarantee my tomorrow against such a worthy foe,

Who hold all of the keys to this forien jungle,

How can I run and roar as nature truly intended,

How can I ensure true freedom for all of my descendants,

I have an idea! An idea that's witty and clever,

It will not only help me, but also my streak's future forever,

I will team up with the circus and endure the cruel pain,

Of being whipped, declawed, defanged and retrained,

I am cheered on during the day, housed and fed at night,

I roar like I'm free, enjoying the protected good life,

"l'm as smart as they come", bragging to my smug reflection,

I'll do just fine as long as I stick close to my protection,

The protection of the uniformed Ring Master and each uniformed crew,

For every single one of them know I bare not one single tooth,

Viewed by them as a cuddly oversized feline,

They pet me and rub me as I roam during free time,

One night a big commotion is stirred up late night,

Three large men break into my cage and take me off-site,

Without claws or teeth I'm rendered defenseless,

I pass out and came to behind new wooden fences,

"I am a tiger", I blurt out with a roar,

I must escape this place, this is not what I signed up for,

I spent the whole day planning my escape route,

Eureka, I broke free breaking my chain from the water spout,

Once again I'm free, running through unfamiliar streets,

The humans are running scared as if I still had all my teeth,

Black and white cars come racing with alarms,

Men wearing uniforms jump out pointing firearms,

I'm happy and pleased that these Ring Masters have arrived,

" I am a Tiger", I roar with relief and pride,

The uniformed men will know I'm no threat, they'll show the rest of these humans that I'm a big cuddly pet,

But the uniformed Ring Masters opened fire on me,

I fall to the ground as confused as one could be,

They were supposed to protect me and rescue me from this fray,

"I am a Good Tiger", whimpered my final roar as I fade.