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What is a life coach?

A Life Coach is one who has work or life experience that can be used to help guide others through change or in a more defined direction in their life.  My desire is to help our clients reach goals in several different areas of their lives.  This includes the areas of career, personal relationships, professional relationships, and the ability to appreciate a positive outlook on life.  Our job here at Pathway is to help clients gain clarity, confidence, and in some cases, actionable steps to overcome challenges and reach goals.  

Lashawn Wiley, Owner

Can a life coach help me?

Sometimes we all need a little help moving forward along our paths.  It can be helpful having someone we trust, who knows how to keep things confidential.  A person who can guide us in the right direction while revealing overlooked possibilities. Someone who isn't afraid to let us know when we are blocking our own path to success.  It is even more helpful when that person has plenty of life and work experience to draw from.  I believe we all can benefit from having the right coach, who knows how to keep us moving forward along our own unique pathway.

Here are some areas we like to help in.


Lashawn is currently in his second marriage after things did not work out in his first marriage of 17 years.  Divorce is sometimes what's best for both parties,  but isn't always the only option.  Lashawn has learned a lot over the years regarding key ingredients to making relationships work. 


 Climbing that corporate ladder without help is hard to navigate.  Our Business Coaches have climbed the corporate ladder and worked for difficult bosses so we can help.  

Or maybe it's time to go into business for yourself.  We can help you navigate that path as well. 

Life Changes/Transition

This is one of our most popular coaching services.  Transitioning into a new job, a new relationship, or a different lifestyle can all be very stressful.  Moving on from a long term relationship can be the toughest of them all. Teaming up with a good Life Coach can be the perfect solution to all of the stress you're feeling.  

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